It’s funny how I get ideas and just hop on executing them immediately they come to my mind.

That was how my last Vision board Party happened. I was in bed thinking and the idea came to mind. Immediately I put it up on my WhatsApp status and some people signified interest.

Anyway the vision board held on Friday December 27th 2019 and it was such an amazing experience for everyone present.

Shoutout to my brother in law for this dope poster. Check him out here

The guests arrived on time ,earlier than I did, and connected well before my arrival. I was so jealous of how people that haven’t met before could be so cool in few hours.

Outfit by my friend John, check out his new collection here

I also liked that it wasn’t just about making our vision boards but the honest conversations we had about personal development and 2019 in general. We talked about Letting go of the past which was anchored by Nneka of legallysmart and also discussed on goals setting which Nike of NigerianBossLady anchored.

Nneka was really passionate about letting go..

Nike teaching us how to set them goals!!

Another enlightening session was when Tolu asked everyone if they were victims of Black Tax and this singular question took us to a new level in our conversation. Someone shared how her grown sister was always depending on her for upkeep and how tiring it was while Sarah (who coincidentally was celebrating her birthday that day ) gave an amazing advice on how she could change that story . Well, if you missed, so sorry, maybe next edition.

Tolu aka Minister of Black Tax Affairs.

Sarah with the golden advice. Her story is beautiful 

Then we went on to make our vision boards, we began by listing the things we wanted for 2020 and starting cutting out images that represented those things from the array of magazines we had.

Everyone had the opportunity to share their vision boards and imagined the future they wanted for themselves.

An event that was to end by 4pm had us there till 6pm where we eventually had to carry ourselves and our vision boards home( thank God I booked the venue for the whole day)

A few people like me hadn’t completed my board and we had to promise ourselves to finish it up before the year ends.

Indeed it was a very great experience for me and I am super grateful to God for the opportunity to host it.

All pictures were taken by Tolu of Encorephotography, check him out here

I would also like to say a big thank you to people that supported me in Cash and Kind ; My Sister Tolu, Desola, Titi, Tsolaye, JohnPelumi and everyone that was present . You guys are the real MVPs!!

I am also grateful for the reviews I received ; Nike said she loved how the quality of conversation were rich and enlightening while Nduka said it was worth his time and he felt better just by putting his 2020 plans on a Vison board.

What about you ?

Do you believe in Vision Boards and Do you have one? If yes, how are your plans for 2020 turning out ? If No, what’s your take on Vision board?

Pleas share your comment below, I would love to read them and know your thoughts .

Till next time.

Love and Light,

Your Fave.

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