My friend Bisola got married on the 14th and 15th of February 2020 and I was her Chief bridesmaids *a round of applause everybody *

Well, this isn’t my first attempt at being a Chief Bridesmaid or Maid of honor , I was going to have my debut Chief bridesmaid role sometime in 2018, but I couldn’t make the wedding because of work engagement.

Hence when my friend Bisola initially asked me sometime last year after her proposal, I told her I wasn’t interested but she bullied me and I accepted as always.

So here are few lessons I learnt during the whole process.

– It’s not about you, you have to be selfless: This really was the most important lesson learnt. In as much as I love to play dress up , take selfies and all, the role of a chief bridesmaid involves you making sure the bride is fine in every aspect and for me this started even before the wedding ceremony.

The wedding planning period for the bride was exhausting, hence I was her go to for some decisions, lamentations and ideas . You will also have to agree with the bride regarding your choice of outfit, hair styles , accessories etc.

Of course on the wedding day, I had to make sure she was fine most of the time, fanning her, holding her bouquet and dragging her heavy wedding dress as she walked down the aisle and strutted everywhere.

Take a look at the beautiful (heavy ) dress. Lol

You might have to get your event coordinator skills on.

Everyone is asking the Chief bridesmaid for the champagne glasses, knife to cut the cake, calling your phone to ask where the couple is after the church ceremony.

You will need to rally round the bridal train together to take pictures while the guests are waiting in the reception hall and organize them when it’s time to dance in with the couple.

Was it compulsory? no, but it was necessary.

The bridal party

You will be the Official Photographer of the Day

Sometime last year when one of our mutual friends Chisom got married, Bisola told me that I had to be on top of my game to get wedding pictures and videos to be available before her official photos come out. I knew that I had entered my own with this chief bridesmaid role.

Therefore on her wedding day, I had to serve my inner Jide Odukoya photography skills so we could serve the right pictures and videos to the world, because we know that if there are no pictures, the event didn’t happen, lol.

Just look at that beauty.

You definitely need to have your game face on.

And this face can switch from hype girl to bridesmaidzilla if there’s a word like that. There were times I had to lock the bride’s room while she was doing her makeup so as to reduce the number of distractions from family and friends. One of the bridesmaids had to make a side comment was too extra but I decided to take that as a compliment with no hard feelings .

Not necessarily a game face but look at me!!!

Get ready to go through roller coaster of emotions.

Seeing that I had known Bisola for a long period of time, I could share in her emotions during the wedding planning ceremony which ranged from that initial ‘Am I sure I want to get married’ to ‘Yasss, I am a married woman’ .

I am sure I would have shed few tears of joy on her wedding day but my role as the lifter of her wedding dress didn’t give me the chance to do so.

Love this picture from their traditional engagement ceremony

– It really doesn’t end after the wedding.

Yes, it doesn’t, especially if you are really friends with the bride. It’s essential you check up on her to know how she’s faring after the wedding. Yes, you most likely would not have the perfect ‘how to be a best wife’ advice but there’s nothing like having someone who cares for you and gives you that emotional support.

Happy Married Life to The Ojo’s !!!

There are few of the lessons I learnt from my role as a chief bridesmaid. Yes, I was stressed, I had to sit down for a while in the middle of the ceremony after we had a sos moment when her second dress couldn’t zip up ( story for another day) . But it was such a memorable experience and yes , it was worth it !

So, have you ever being a chief bridesmaid and could relate to any of these lessons? Please share your comment below. Is there any other lesson you picked from being a chief bridesmaid? Please share your comment below. I would love to read them.

Till Next Time,

Love and Light.

From Your Fave,



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