You have a message inside of you , the world needs to hear. Your friends ask you the same questions about that subject. You can talk about that one subject matter even in your sleep.

So how are you sharing this information with the world? Aren’t you tired of repeating these same stories every time you are asked .

If this case sounds like you , it’s time you launch your Ebook . It’s time you position yourself as the thought leader for that subject matter.

Guess what! You are lucky , you stumbled on this post, because I can help you. I have written and sold an Ebook which you can buy here . I also helped my friend Ugonna successfully launch her cook book which is available for sale here .

You can also write and launch your Ebook too, but you have to get started.


This is a 30 Day Challenge that helps you write and launch your Ebook with amazing accountability partners in the group.

In these 30 days Challenge, will involve:

  • live video trainings
  • Vidoe tutorials
  • Group Coaching
  • Accountability partners
  • Joining a Community of thought leaders
  • Launching and building a community
  • Launching and Publishing on online selling platforms
  • Scheduled Follow Up Calls etc.

After the thirty days, you would have launched your Ebook and began to make money from the sales while positioning yourself as a thought leader on the subject matter.

Hear what Ugonna (Author of Inside the Igbo kitchen Ebook) had to say after I helped her launch her Ebook.

Writing is something I love doing as much as cooking but making them a product is a whole ‘nother thing

So I woke up one day and said lemme ask Toceen about EBook (as her Dubai guide is in ebook form) not knowing that that was the beginning of everything good!

Toceen took my project like it was hers!

Ah me I could not slack . I had to follow closely. Toceen your ginger is unmatched!!!

Your support is incredible

Thank you so much for being amazing .



Bank: GTB

Account Name : Akinyan Oluwatosin Martha

Account Number : 0111503901

Kindly send an email to [email protected] after payment .

Your payment will be confirmed after 24hours with an email containing the details for the challenge.

Frequency Asked Question

1.Who’s this challenge for ?

  • For people that have a story and want to share it with the world.
  • For people that always get questions about a particular subject matter
  • For people that need a passive stream of income
  • For people with a strong urge to impact lives
  • For people comfortable marketing their products online.

2. Who is this challenge not for ?

  • People not ready to do the work and launch an Ebook
  • People who are not comfortable putting themselves out there .
  • People who haven’t sold anything or shared any story before.

3. What if I don’t have any topic to write about.

  • Everyone has a story to share, you definitely know a lot of things. By joining the challenge ,there’s a proven way to find out if you have a valid story .

4. I am not sure anyone will buy my Ebook.

Hmmmm, you will discover the secret in the challenge. I still had people buying my Dubai travel guide despite the travel ban in the Covid 19 period .

5. Can you tell me if my topic will sell?

There’s a method to test your ideas. Join the challenge and discover the test.

6. Will I make my money back?

If you diligently go through the trainings and assignments, I can guarantee you will make more than the commitment fee in the first week of your launch .

7. Is there anything else I will have to spend money on ?

Yes please, especially if you want an excellent Ebook. You might need to host a website, photoshoot, graphic designer etc . But , you don’t have to, because you can also do it yourself.

Please just focus on the possibilities and the impact you will make after launching your Ebook.

8. When does the challenge start ?

7th of September 2020

9. Can I get a refund ?

No, because when you give option for a refund , commitments to get results dwindle . We only want determined people in this challenge.

10. How long will I have access to the lessons and private group ?

30 Days.

Can I pay installmentally? No.

I held a zoom meeting sharing how my first Ebook helped me and positioned me well. I also shared how writing your Ebook can help you become a thought leader. Please watch it here , it’s less than 40minutes . The password is. 4T^[email protected]&

A lot can change in 30 Days. Will you make take that bold step and join the people already in the challenge today ? Remember it’s a closed group challenge , hence there’s a limit to the number of participants I can work with.

See you.

Your Fave,


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