Go TosTos, it’s your birthday ! We gon party hard, it’s your birthday .

Yesssss, the much anticipated 10th of May 2020 is here and I have never been more grateful in my life.

I started this day with an hour in fellowship with God, where I went through my previous year, month by month and thanked God for everything that happened.

I noticed a pattern, my last year was one that had me doing so many firsts. I got myself a phone , travelled by myself (with friends), tried my hands on selling ankara (this was to prove a point and I did),wrote and still selling a travel guide which is available here (still unbelievable ), had my first paid event (Vision board party ) and launched an amazing community which you can join here amongst so many others.

Indeed, I really do not take the year 26 for granted and I am thankful to God for helping me thrive in that year.

I also enjoyed the gift of relationships ,from supportive family members to friends and mentors that came through for me every single time.

So, thank you to everyone that supported me in one way or the other. One day , I will make you proud.

A friend asked me yesterday to rate how I felt on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being sad to 10 being happy and I was stuck between 8 and 9. I replied her saying I am sincerely grateful to God.

Another friend asked for my prayer point and I was like hmmmm, I honestly don’t know yet but I am extremely grateful because I think I am in a good place right now. Ask my mother that question and I can bet my life for the answer- a good husband (read that in Yoruba ) is definitely top on her signature birthday prayers. Oh well..

But here’s saying a prayer for anyone that might be stuck in any area of their life. I pray that the Holyspirit will guide and show them things to come. Their purpose in life will be revealed and they will enjoy a victorious life on earth. Amen!

So, what’s up new year? How’s it going to be? What are your plans?

One thing , I am sure of in this new year is , I would be helping people in anyway I can and this brings me to my latest challenge.

I realized something in this past year, how excited I get when people achieve their goals especially if I was involved in any part of the process .

I remember the joy I felt after a friend successfully launched her Cookbook, after about a month of putting her through the process.

I felt, like wow, we did it! I remember playing her launch video multiple times and smiling after receiving her post launch report, which was amazing . Think I am joking, check her cookbook here and grab a copy.

As a result, I am starting a challenge to help anyone that wants to write an Ebook in thirty days. I wrote mine with just my phone and I have been able to successfully put a friend through the process. Hence, why not help more people. Interested ? drop your details here and you will receive more information.

Let’s start my new year crushing those goals of yours.

Any birthday wishlist? my darling Anita the writer asked. Naaaa, I replied but Incase anyone has a MacBook Air 2019 (since I am struggling to see anystore with the 2020 version ) that they aren’t using or can sponsor their fave, I will gladly receive it.

Please say a word of prayer to God for me or maybe two , that I continue to dance all the days of my life. Looooooool

Till next time,

Your Fave,


P.S I sent the next hour after praying watching the movie ‘the setup’ with my phone on airplane mode because I know y’all are going to rush me with the love . Please rush me, I am your sugar today (as per sugar rush , yeah, lmaoooo)

P.P.S Pictures by my guy Jolaoluwa, check him out here

Makeup by my darling Homegirl. Book her here

Flowery dress: Gift by the brain behind ShopZurizola. It’s a Nigerian brand that collaborated with sunlight Nigeria to highlight women who are empowering themselves and other women. Check the brand out here


  1. Fisayomi May 10, 2020 at 7:34 pm

    I pray you stay happy fulfilling your purpose all your life

  2. Toluwalase May 13, 2020 at 7:31 am

    This is lovely

  3. Iyanu May 13, 2020 at 7:18 pm

    Greater years ahead tostos


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