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Welcome to choosing a profitable e-book idea masterclass. Super excited to have you here.

What we’ll cover in this on-demand live masterclass…

  • Why you should finally package that message that has been on your mind into an e-book.
  • Four ways to decide if the topic on your mind is something people want to read and most especially pay for.
  • The number one thing 90% of first time Authors fail to do that makes them broke and unhappy at the end of the day
  • Where to get started building your personal brand and launching a community (whether you’re starting from scratch or you’ve been at it a while!)
  • The one thing 1% of E-book Authors do that positions them for more opportunities that translates to wealth and niche leaders
  • How to avoid the number one mistake I see that holds people back from the results they want after launching their e-book

PLUS there are going to be some very valuable limited-time resources for you, so make sure you don’t miss it!

This masterclass will show you how to finally launch your e-book that people would pay for and position you as an expert in your field.

Watch the masterclass below.

Choosing A Profitable E-book Idea Masterclass

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Jennifer Uloko of Yanga Beauty Shares 10 Things to Note Before Starting A Project.

Our second Fireside Chat held recently with Jennifer Uloko, Founder and Brain behind Yanga Beauty; a beauty brand that has grown and transitioned from being just an e-tailer to owning and manufacturing its own cosmetic line. Missed the recap of our maiden fireside chat, click here

The chat began with Jennifer sharing the concept behind Yanga Beauty to challenges she has faced in about six years of running the business.

Interested in the replay, join the community via this link .

She spoke in-depth about how her faith has helped gain exploits in business and also shared tips on journaling, consistency, hard work and courage amongst other things.

Fireside Chat with Jennifer Uloko

Just before the chat ended, she shared ten tips to note before starting a business, non-profit or making that next step. She tagged them, the A- J of starting and they are;

  • Always Start with your why. I guess this explains itself, she recommended the book Start with why by Simon Sinek.
  • Before you launch, prepare a business plan. Want to start a business, please sit down and draw a plan. How will you source the products, marketing actions and how will you measure your success?
  • Calculate the cost to set up. Cost ranging from rent, tax to permits etc should be calculated before you launch.
  • Decide the business structure you will employ. Solopreneur or Partnership ? Know the right one to choose.
  • Ensure you register your name and have the required document.
  • Find out all the required license and permits before proceeding .
  • Get all or most of your operating tools online. She talked on the use of E-receipts and accounting apps to track her payments as these help her stay on top of her numbers when seeking for investors.
  • Have an online presence. She shared how she previously had a store that wasn’t in a prominent location with no avenue to advertise, using banners and signboards. Hence, she had to use the digital space to create awareness for her brand.
  • If you want to go far, hire the right team based on need.
  • Joyfully market your brand without shame.

There you have them, ten things to consider before starting the next big thing for you. Any other tip to consider before launching out, please drop them in the comment session.

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Launch Your First Ebook in 30 Days Plus The Webinar Replay!

You have a message inside of you , the world needs to hear. Your friends ask you the same questions about that subject. You can talk about that one subject matter even in your sleep.

So how are you sharing this information with the world? Aren’t you tired of repeating these same stories every time you are asked .

If this case sounds like you , it’s time you launch your Ebook . It’s time you position yourself as the thought leader for that subject matter.

Guess what! You are lucky , you stumbled on this post, because I can help you. I have written and sold an Ebook which you can buy here . I also helped my friend Ugonna successfully launch her cook book which is available for sale here .

You can also write and launch your Ebook too, but you have to get started.


This is a 30 Day Challenge that helps you write and launch your Ebook with amazing accountability partners in the group.

In these 30 days Challenge, will involve:

  • live video trainings
  • Vidoe tutorials
  • Group Coaching
  • Accountability partners
  • Joining a Community of thought leaders
  • Launching and building a community
  • Launching and Publishing on online selling platforms
  • Scheduled Follow Up Calls etc.

After the thirty days, you would have launched your Ebook and began to make money from the sales while positioning yourself as a thought leader on the subject matter.

Hear what Ugonna (Author of Inside the Igbo kitchen Ebook) had to say after I helped her launch her Ebook.

Writing is something I love doing as much as cooking but making them a product is a whole ‘nother thing

So I woke up one day and said lemme ask Toceen about EBook (as her Dubai guide is in ebook form) not knowing that that was the beginning of everything good!

Toceen took my project like it was hers!

Ah me I could not slack . I had to follow closely. Toceen your ginger is unmatched!!!

Your support is incredible

Thank you so much for being amazing .



Bank: GTB

Account Name : Akinyan Oluwatosin Martha

Account Number : 0111503901

Kindly send an email to [email protected] after payment .

Your payment will be confirmed after 24hours with an email containing the details for the challenge.

Frequency Asked Question

1.Who’s this challenge for ?

  • For people that have a story and want to share it with the world.
  • For people that always get questions about a particular subject matter
  • For people that need a passive stream of income
  • For people with a strong urge to impact lives
  • For people comfortable marketing their products online.

2. Who is this challenge not for ?

  • People not ready to do the work and launch an Ebook
  • People who are not comfortable putting themselves out there .
  • People who haven’t sold anything or shared any story before.

3. What if I don’t have any topic to write about.

  • Everyone has a story to share, you definitely know a lot of things. By joining the challenge ,there’s a proven way to find out if you have a valid story .

4. I am not sure anyone will buy my Ebook.

Hmmmm, you will discover the secret in the challenge. I still had people buying my Dubai travel guide despite the travel ban in the Covid 19 period .

5. Can you tell me if my topic will sell?

There’s a method to test your ideas. Join the challenge and discover the test.

6. Will I make my money back?

If you diligently go through the trainings and assignments, I can guarantee you will make more than the commitment fee in the first week of your launch .

7. Is there anything else I will have to spend money on ?

Yes please, especially if you want an excellent Ebook. You might need to host a website, photoshoot, graphic designer etc . But , you don’t have to, because you can also do it yourself.

Please just focus on the possibilities and the impact you will make after launching your Ebook.

8. When does the challenge start ?

7th of September 2020

9. Can I get a refund ?

No, because when you give option for a refund , commitments to get results dwindle . We only want determined people in this challenge.

10. How long will I have access to the lessons and private group ?

30 Days.

Can I pay installmentally? No.

I held a zoom meeting sharing how my first Ebook helped me and positioned me well. I also shared how writing your Ebook can help you become a thought leader. Please watch it here , it’s less than 40minutes . The password is. 4T^[email protected]&

A lot can change in 30 Days. Will you make take that bold step and join the people already in the challenge today ? Remember it’s a closed group challenge , hence there’s a limit to the number of participants I can work with.

See you.

Your Fave,


Becoming A Year Older + An Exciting Challenge You Will Love.

Go TosTos, it’s your birthday ! We gon party hard, it’s your birthday .

Yesssss, the much anticipated 10th of May 2020 is here and I have never been more grateful in my life.

I started this day with an hour in fellowship with God, where I went through my previous year, month by month and thanked God for everything that happened.

I noticed a pattern, my last year was one that had me doing so many firsts. I got myself a phone , travelled by myself (with friends), tried my hands on selling ankara (this was to prove a point and I did),wrote and still selling a travel guide which is available here (still unbelievable ), had my first paid event (Vision board party ) and launched an amazing community which you can join here amongst so many others.

Indeed, I really do not take the year 26 for granted and I am thankful to God for helping me thrive in that year.

I also enjoyed the gift of relationships ,from supportive family members to friends and mentors that came through for me every single time.

So, thank you to everyone that supported me in one way or the other. One day , I will make you proud.

A friend asked me yesterday to rate how I felt on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being sad to 10 being happy and I was stuck between 8 and 9. I replied her saying I am sincerely grateful to God.

Another friend asked for my prayer point and I was like hmmmm, I honestly don’t know yet but I am extremely grateful because I think I am in a good place right now. Ask my mother that question and I can bet my life for the answer- a good husband (read that in Yoruba ) is definitely top on her signature birthday prayers. Oh well..

But here’s saying a prayer for anyone that might be stuck in any area of their life. I pray that the Holyspirit will guide and show them things to come. Their purpose in life will be revealed and they will enjoy a victorious life on earth. Amen!

So, what’s up new year? How’s it going to be? What are your plans?

One thing , I am sure of in this new year is , I would be helping people in anyway I can and this brings me to my latest challenge.

I realized something in this past year, how excited I get when people achieve their goals especially if I was involved in any part of the process .

I remember the joy I felt after a friend successfully launched her Cookbook, after about a month of putting her through the process.

I felt, like wow, we did it! I remember playing her launch video multiple times and smiling after receiving her post launch report, which was amazing . Think I am joking, check her cookbook here and grab a copy.

As a result, I am starting a challenge to help anyone that wants to write an Ebook in thirty days. I wrote mine with just my phone and I have been able to successfully put a friend through the process. Hence, why not help more people. Interested ? drop your details here and you will receive more information.

Let’s start my new year crushing those goals of yours.

Any birthday wishlist? my darling Anita the writer asked. Naaaa, I replied but Incase anyone has a MacBook Air 2019 (since I am struggling to see anystore with the 2020 version ) that they aren’t using or can sponsor their fave, I will gladly receive it.

Please say a word of prayer to God for me or maybe two , that I continue to dance all the days of my life. Looooooool

Till next time,

Your Fave,


P.S I sent the next hour after praying watching the movie ‘the setup’ with my phone on airplane mode because I know y’all are going to rush me with the love . Please rush me, I am your sugar today (as per sugar rush , yeah, lmaoooo)

P.P.S Pictures by my guy Jolaoluwa, check him out here

Makeup by my darling Homegirl. Book her here

Flowery dress: Gift by the brain behind ShopZurizola. It’s a Nigerian brand that collaborated with sunlight Nigeria to highlight women who are empowering themselves and other women. Check the brand out here

5 Valuable Lessons I Learned From Sinmisola Nojimu- Yusuf at the #FiresideChat

If you don’t know, I started an amazing community last month made up of young people that are full of life and desire to fulfill purpose. You didn’t know ? I am so sorry but you can join by clicking on this Link

We had our first Fireside Chat Episode with Sinmisola Nojimu- Yusuf who is a Brand Manager, Blogger, Volunteer and now a Mentor. The meeting held on Sunday 3rd of May 2020 and she dropped some gems, a few of which I will share .

I mean I had to tell her to write a book, because there’s no way she’d have all those gems and not share with the world.

I will be sharing five out of the many lessons I learnt from the session. You can catch the link to the replay at the end of the post.

1. On Mentorship: Before approaching a mentor, be sure you really want this person as a mentor and articulate your reasons why.

I mean in a world where anyone can send a DM to anyone for a mentorship relationship, I think this point is very important . She also said to clearly differentiate and understand if it’s a mentor you need or a sponsor . So before you ask that potential mentor , ponder on these.

She also shared few tips on how to get mentors that will be invested in your life. Catch them all in the replay here ( Password is [email protected]*4^5 )

2. On Imposter Syndrome: You know how you get that great job and begin to doubt your amazing self? Just before you do that, do these:

a. Look at your position objectively and assess your self.

b. Celebrate your victory please

c. Be sure that it’s not pride! Are you magnifying your position beyond what it truly is?

d. Always ask for feedback from your peers, subordinates and superiors.

3. On Having Support Systems :

Sinmisola made us understand the one thing to do in order to have great support systems and that is being a great supporter yourself. She talked about intentionally investing in the relationships in your life and getting them involved in your life intentionally .

Ofcourse, we had to ask because we spotted the ring on her finger and someone already saw the proposal on Instagram. Don’t ask who!

4. On Relationship:

She talked about being true to yourself and making unemotional decisions about the person you want to decide to spend the rest of your life with. I also loved the advice she gave , when an attendee asked how she could get a great life partner. Please listen to the replay for all the scoop. She also recommended this podcast that you can access here ( Title is What To Do While Waiting )

5. On Staying Sane: Her answers were clear.

a. Pace yourself ; don’t carry on too much. Know what’s important at each period of time.

b. Always measure your productivity and

c. Check for time wasters and eliminate them.

There you have the lessons . Where you at the meeting, please drop one thing you learnt from Sinmisola in the comment session . If you weren’t , please catch the replay below.

To catch the replay, click on the link below. I couldn’t get the first part of the recording but you still have over one hour dose of gems left.

Please don’t forget to follow Sinmisola on instagram @sinmisolany and connect with her on LinkedIn – Sinmisola Nojimu-Yusuf.

Firesidechat #1

Password is [email protected]*4^5

Recommended podcast titled: What to do while waiting can be accessed via this link below.


Recommended book : How will you measure your life by Clayton M. Christensen can be gotten below

Download Ebook

Till Next Time,


Lessons I Learnt From Being A Chief Bridesmaid

My friend Bisola got married on the 14th and 15th of February 2020 and I was her Chief bridesmaids *a round of applause everybody *

Well, this isn’t my first attempt at being a Chief Bridesmaid or Maid of honor , I was going to have my debut Chief bridesmaid role sometime in 2018, but I couldn’t make the wedding because of work engagement.

Hence when my friend Bisola initially asked me sometime last year after her proposal, I told her I wasn’t interested but she bullied me and I accepted as always.

So here are few lessons I learnt during the whole process.

– It’s not about you, you have to be selfless: This really was the most important lesson learnt. In as much as I love to play dress up , take selfies and all, the role of a chief bridesmaid involves you making sure the bride is fine in every aspect and for me this started even before the wedding ceremony.

The wedding planning period for the bride was exhausting, hence I was her go to for some decisions, lamentations and ideas . You will also have to agree with the bride regarding your choice of outfit, hair styles , accessories etc.

Of course on the wedding day, I had to make sure she was fine most of the time, fanning her, holding her bouquet and dragging her heavy wedding dress as she walked down the aisle and strutted everywhere.

Take a look at the beautiful (heavy ) dress. Lol

You might have to get your event coordinator skills on.

Everyone is asking the Chief bridesmaid for the champagne glasses, knife to cut the cake, calling your phone to ask where the couple is after the church ceremony.

You will need to rally round the bridal train together to take pictures while the guests are waiting in the reception hall and organize them when it’s time to dance in with the couple.

Was it compulsory? no, but it was necessary.

The bridal party

You will be the Official Photographer of the Day

Sometime last year when one of our mutual friends Chisom got married, Bisola told me that I had to be on top of my game to get wedding pictures and videos to be available before her official photos come out. I knew that I had entered my own with this chief bridesmaid role.

Therefore on her wedding day, I had to serve my inner Jide Odukoya photography skills so we could serve the right pictures and videos to the world, because we know that if there are no pictures, the event didn’t happen, lol.

Just look at that beauty.

You definitely need to have your game face on.

And this face can switch from hype girl to bridesmaidzilla if there’s a word like that. There were times I had to lock the bride’s room while she was doing her makeup so as to reduce the number of distractions from family and friends. One of the bridesmaids had to make a side comment was too extra but I decided to take that as a compliment with no hard feelings .

Not necessarily a game face but look at me!!!

Get ready to go through roller coaster of emotions.

Seeing that I had known Bisola for a long period of time, I could share in her emotions during the wedding planning ceremony which ranged from that initial ‘Am I sure I want to get married’ to ‘Yasss, I am a married woman’ .

I am sure I would have shed few tears of joy on her wedding day but my role as the lifter of her wedding dress didn’t give me the chance to do so.

Love this picture from their traditional engagement ceremony

– It really doesn’t end after the wedding.

Yes, it doesn’t, especially if you are really friends with the bride. It’s essential you check up on her to know how she’s faring after the wedding. Yes, you most likely would not have the perfect ‘how to be a best wife’ advice but there’s nothing like having someone who cares for you and gives you that emotional support.

Happy Married Life to The Ojo’s !!!

There are few of the lessons I learnt from my role as a chief bridesmaid. Yes, I was stressed, I had to sit down for a while in the middle of the ceremony after we had a sos moment when her second dress couldn’t zip up ( story for another day) . But it was such a memorable experience and yes , it was worth it !

So, have you ever being a chief bridesmaid and could relate to any of these lessons? Please share your comment below. Is there any other lesson you picked from being a chief bridesmaid? Please share your comment below. I would love to read them.

Till Next Time,

Love and Light.

From Your Fave,


My Amazing Vision Board Party

It’s funny how I get ideas and just hop on executing them immediately they come to my mind.

That was how my last Vision board Party happened. I was in bed thinking and the idea came to mind. Immediately I put it up on my WhatsApp status and some people signified interest.

Anyway the vision board held on Friday December 27th 2019 and it was such an amazing experience for everyone present.

Shoutout to my brother in law for this dope poster. Check him out here

The guests arrived on time ,earlier than I did, and connected well before my arrival. I was so jealous of how people that haven’t met before could be so cool in few hours.

Outfit by my friend John, check out his new collection here

I also liked that it wasn’t just about making our vision boards but the honest conversations we had about personal development and 2019 in general. We talked about Letting go of the past which was anchored by Nneka of legallysmart and also discussed on goals setting which Nike of NigerianBossLady anchored.

Nneka was really passionate about letting go..

Nike teaching us how to set them goals!!

Another enlightening session was when Tolu asked everyone if they were victims of Black Tax and this singular question took us to a new level in our conversation. Someone shared how her grown sister was always depending on her for upkeep and how tiring it was while Sarah (who coincidentally was celebrating her birthday that day ) gave an amazing advice on how she could change that story . Well, if you missed, so sorry, maybe next edition.

Tolu aka Minister of Black Tax Affairs.

Sarah with the golden advice. Her story is beautiful 

Then we went on to make our vision boards, we began by listing the things we wanted for 2020 and starting cutting out images that represented those things from the array of magazines we had.

Everyone had the opportunity to share their vision boards and imagined the future they wanted for themselves.

An event that was to end by 4pm had us there till 6pm where we eventually had to carry ourselves and our vision boards home( thank God I booked the venue for the whole day)

A few people like me hadn’t completed my board and we had to promise ourselves to finish it up before the year ends.

Indeed it was a very great experience for me and I am super grateful to God for the opportunity to host it.

All pictures were taken by Tolu of Encorephotography, check him out here

I would also like to say a big thank you to people that supported me in Cash and Kind ; My Sister Tolu, Desola, Titi, Tsolaye, JohnPelumi and everyone that was present . You guys are the real MVPs!!

I am also grateful for the reviews I received ; Nike said she loved how the quality of conversation were rich and enlightening while Nduka said it was worth his time and he felt better just by putting his 2020 plans on a Vison board.

What about you ?

Do you believe in Vision Boards and Do you have one? If yes, how are your plans for 2020 turning out ? If No, what’s your take on Vision board?

Pleas share your comment below, I would love to read them and know your thoughts .

Till next time.

Love and Light,

Your Fave.