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We had our first Fireside Chat Episode with Sinmisola Nojimu- Yusuf who is a Brand Manager, Blogger, Volunteer and now a Mentor. The meeting held on Sunday 3rd of May 2020 and she dropped some gems, a few of which I will share .

I mean I had to tell her to write a book, because there’s no way she’d have all those gems and not share with the world.

I will be sharing five out of the many lessons I learnt from the session. You can catch the link to the replay at the end of the post.

1. On Mentorship: Before approaching a mentor, be sure you really want this person as a mentor and articulate your reasons why.

I mean in a world where anyone can send a DM to anyone for a mentorship relationship, I think this point is very important . She also said to clearly differentiate and understand if it’s a mentor you need or a sponsor . So before you ask that potential mentor , ponder on these.

She also shared few tips on how to get mentors that will be invested in your life. Catch them all in the replay here ( Password is [email protected]*4^5 )

2. On Imposter Syndrome: You know how you get that great job and begin to doubt your amazing self? Just before you do that, do these:

a. Look at your position objectively and assess your self.

b. Celebrate your victory please

c. Be sure that it’s not pride! Are you magnifying your position beyond what it truly is?

d. Always ask for feedback from your peers, subordinates and superiors.

3. On Having Support Systems :

Sinmisola made us understand the one thing to do in order to have great support systems and that is being a great supporter yourself. She talked about intentionally investing in the relationships in your life and getting them involved in your life intentionally .

Ofcourse, we had to ask because we spotted the ring on her finger and someone already saw the proposal on Instagram. Don’t ask who!

4. On Relationship:

She talked about being true to yourself and making unemotional decisions about the person you want to decide to spend the rest of your life with. I also loved the advice she gave , when an attendee asked how she could get a great life partner. Please listen to the replay for all the scoop. She also recommended this podcast that you can access here ( Title is What To Do While Waiting )

5. On Staying Sane: Her answers were clear.

a. Pace yourself ; don’t carry on too much. Know what’s important at each period of time.

b. Always measure your productivity and

c. Check for time wasters and eliminate them.

There you have the lessons . Where you at the meeting, please drop one thing you learnt from Sinmisola in the comment session . If you weren’t , please catch the replay below.

To catch the replay, click on the link below. I couldn’t get the first part of the recording but you still have over one hour dose of gems left.

Please don’t forget to follow Sinmisola on instagram @sinmisolany and connect with her on LinkedIn – Sinmisola Nojimu-Yusuf.

Firesidechat #1

Password is [email protected]*4^5

Recommended podcast titled: What to do while waiting can be accessed via this link below.


Recommended book : How will you measure your life by Clayton M. Christensen can be gotten below

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  1. Rosie May 11, 2020 at 2:58 pm

    I missed the meeting. But girl this was really insightful!!!

    thanks for keeping us updated

    1. Oluwatosin Akinyan - Site Author May 30, 2020 at 9:53 am

      You are welcome, Rosie. Glad you could catch up.


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